Did You Hire a Legitimate Roofing Service Provider?

The roofing industry is full of companies that provide professional services, some are good and some are bad. Homeowners who are desperate to get their roofs inspected and fixed can easily fall victim to unprofessional roofing service providers. How to avoid the most common scams?

  • The storm chasers; as the name suggests, these roofers show up in a neighborhood hit by a hurricane, hail, or rainstorm. These “specialists” know how vulnerable to the elements roofing systems are and they will take the golden opportunity to cheat many people. They know how insurance companies work, so, their goal is to install cheap roofing material without addressing any issues. Normally, these materials only last 5-7 years, professionals warn.
  • Door-to-door sales techniques; just remember, a professional roofing company will never use such a method to gain customers. Knocking on people’s doors is surely not a way to attract their attention, this should be a red flag for you because this only shows how desperate for clients these inexperienced roofers really are.
  • High-pressure sales tactics; another typical roofing scam is when someone shows up without a scheduled consultation or without a prior arrangement. Smiling and polite they show up at your front door offering you an exclusive bid. “You can get your roof inspected and repaired at a low rate only today,” they say. Red flag! Such one-day validation offers are a symptom of the lack of expertise, skills, and a license. You should simply say “No thanks” and close the door.
  • The mysteriously disappearing down payment; some roofing service providers will ask you to pay a significant amount of money in advance for materials and supplies. Do not let them take advantage of you or your money. If you do agree to such an arrangement, chances are the roofers you hire will disappear once they have your check in their hands. The safest way to avoid such a fraud is to ask the workers start the job without a down payment.

Arcade Roofing Solutions offers timely and commendable roofing services with excellent results at very affordable rates. We are in Middle Village, NY, and expecting our phone calls at (718) 210-9857.


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